New At Torchlight 2

So far I've only beaten this game once. Seeing as how I was new at the game, I played on easy. My first character was a fire engineer who used 2 handed weapons. I was doing well until act 3 when I got one shotted by the trolls. After dying three times, I gave up, deleted him, and started over, this time having him use a shield and pumping vitality. And this time, I managed to get through the game without dying.

I've written down on paper all the builds I have planned, the character and pet names, their spells, pet spells, and the skills they use and how many points go in each. I haven't listed their final base stats or endgame equipment because that's too complex. Apparently, Torchlight and its sequel are very different from Diablo II.

The fact that you can choose your starting difficulty is a major difference. In Diablo II, you started a new character on normal difficulty and unlocked higher difficulties by beating the game. Certain builds that can get you through easy are not viable in harder difficulties or New Game Plus.

I have read four separate guides to character skills on the steam community, one for each class. He lists skills that he considers must haves and skills that aren't worth even one point. Comparing online builds to his guides, some very useful skills included on other people's builds are completely worthless to him.

I'll post some of my ideas for builds for each class on separate sections appropriate for each class on this forum. And seeing as how I'm still a newbie who is still learning the basics of the game, I would appreciate any advice from other players.


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