just started playing

benner64benner64 Posts: 2
Hi just started playing Torchlight 2.

I saw some other people posting that they started so I through I would do the same so here I am

sorry if my gramma is bad


  • annairbyannairby Posts: 3
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    Hey, That's really great that you have started playing Torchlight 2. Even I have also started playing the game just of 1 week ago for now. Recently, one of my friends got CD keys of the Overwatch game From the Official site of Instant-gaming, and we have moved to playing overwatch game on our PC.
  • robbi88robbi88 Posts: 1

    is the community here still alive? i'm planning to play TL2

  • PhanjamPhanjam Posts: 3,297 ✭✭✭

    Hi @robbi88 yes the community is still alive :smiley: but nowadays the runic discord server is more active http://discord.gg/runicgames

  • Just met someone online for the first time today in TL2. Talked with her, traded with her, gave her gold. She offered me help on the quest. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the quest, my character died. Hehe. Thanks Pinky.

  • peti29peti29 Posts: 117
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    I'm alive :). Haven't played TL2 for a while though. (But I've rediscovered it the other day. My outlander is roaming the Frosted Hills once again...)

    Btw, any h.a.r.d.c.o.r.e[why is that a word to censore?] (multi)players out there nowadays?

  • PhanjamPhanjam Posts: 3,297 ✭✭✭

    Hi @peti29 u might have better luck finding ppl to play with over at the runic discord server https://discord.gg/runicgames

  • kanaukanau Posts: 2

    Yea, need more luck

  • vubukylovubukylo Posts: 9

    Always nice to see people enthusiastic about this game

    Sorry that I can’t provide guides cause I’m on mobile

    Make sure to check out the meme thread tho!

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