What to do when you feel lost or stuck?

Just getting started, have not yet progressed much past the opening part; I have a sword and a shield now, but don't know what to do with them or where to go. In general, what does one do when one has explored a bit but missing that next clue?



  • You can always ask the #hints-and-spoilers channel on discord.gg/runcigames!

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    Well it's kind of a puzzle game so if you feel stuck when you've only just started this game may not be for you. But (almost) everytime you do an objective a map marker appears on where you need to go. But it's always in unexplored area's and you need to find a way to it. Often it requires some switches or breaking through walls/floors to unlock pathways to get there. So bassicaly just hit all switches/breakthroughs you come across and venture into unexplored territories and your path should become clear.

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  • FrankieDrumsFrankieDrums Posts: 26

    There's a full walkthrough of the game online so you can just search YouTube for that. There was on spot in the reservoir where I was stuck because I didn't see a little gap in the purple infection stuff that you could swim through, the video helped me with that.

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