Game progress stuck. Glitched handle

I had just entered a room with 2 "spore" guys and round locking mechanizm. after turning the lock around it stop in the position in the screen shot and now no longer prompts me for the interact button(also i can walk through it, no collision). I don't think i can progress without moving the lock into the correct position. Any help? On PS4 btw


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  • BrianWBrianW Posts: 2,310 admin
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    This is a known issue. Sorry about that! Can you send your game save over to [email protected] and let them know that Brian requested it? Make sure to reference this thread! Thanks!

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  • PatrickBPatrickB Posts: 894 ✭✭
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    We have a fix coming in the next patch for this.


  • kidneon7kidneon7 Posts: 4

    Oh awesome! should I still send in my save file? (gotta figure out how to get it off PS4 haha)

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