Thanks to the developers. This is a great game.

I spent several hours playing Hob last night. I am impressed with how beautiful the game is. The puzzles are just hard enough to be satisfying. This is a truly well-polished game. Great work Runic!

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  • chirpschirps Posts: 2

    Agreed! Easily made it into my best of all time list. Loved the fact that the game doesn't give you any hints or walkthroughs when you first start, reminded me of Zelda on the NES.

  • Thank you!

  • DeeZireDeeZire Posts: 258

    Me too, thank you (again!) Runic for a wonderful game experience. Somehow, playing a new game from you guys is rather like opening a beautifully wrapped Xmas present :)

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  • sepplixsepplix Posts: 5

    Im not a jump'n'run guy. But this game got mi fixed. This beautiful landscapes and great lookouts are just fantastic. I had some real "WHOAA" Moments during playing so far. For example when undergound this machineries come to work and all around you is moving in another position ... awesome.

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