Do swords automatically upgrade after smelting? How do I destroy hives? And two trophy questions.

Hi, I'm in love with this game and close to finishing my first playthrough. Four quick questions:

  1. I've upgraded my sword twice and enemies are taking the same amount of hits to die as they did with no upgrades. Am I supposed to equip something somehow?
  2. I've tried to destroy hives but nothing has worked. Two times, as I walked away, they exploded on their own. It almost looked like one of the bugs did it. How do I make this happen?
  3. How do I lure 10 enemies to fall to their death?
  4. How do I kill 4 enemies simultaneously?


  • DefaceeviLDefaceeviL Posts: 23

    1. sword is upgraded automaticaly, I do not know about method to switching between swords level. You only have the highest level possible. You are smelting three pieces of sword and old one together.
    2. Hit the bug watching out from hive entrance, after that he goes inside hive and explode.

  • FrankieDrumsFrankieDrums Posts: 26

    Thanks! Anyone know of good spots/techniques to get the trophies I mentioned?

  • FrankieDrumsFrankieDrums Posts: 26

    I killed 4 enemies simultaneously while fighting the end boss. How do I lure enemies to their deaths?

  • acidfast22acidfast22 Posts: 5

    The enemies that roll up into a ball and roll after you can be lured to roll off a ledge

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