Trophy Won't Unlock [SPOILERS]

FortesqueFortesque Posts: 2
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Just finished the game on PS4 however neither "The Great Purge" nor "The Greatest Gift" trophies have unlocked. Clicking continue returns me to the checkpoint before the final cutscene. I have tried both endings.


  • narimannariman Posts: 13
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    Yes my friend i beat the game 6 time but just 1 gold trophy. All gold trophies in this game glitches. Please Support write us about patch. I speak all people who got this trophies. This Random poped

  • narimannariman Posts: 13

    Please patch all gold trophies.I FINISH 7 time but no ALL gold trophies.

  • narimannariman Posts: 13

    I didnt understand How peaple got this Gold trophies. I beat the game 7 time clock 2 hour 30 minute. I have just 1 gold trophy "Death under 5". I did everything Play in User 1, Play In Offline, Delete Game and complate again... Whats problem this F.... trophies((((

  • Hi there - I realized that no one had replied yet - we are investigating this issue - I hope to have more information soon - my apologies for the frustration.

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