Small hits vs Elite enemies armor

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Oh boy I still come back to this game now and then :D

I was thinking about making a build with something that would inflict shock status to proc aditional area damage, but wouldn't it deal next to 0 damage
considering the extra armor/resistances of things in elite?

Other things that come to mind are those unique weapons that have, like:

- 55 phys dmg
- 16 fire dmg
- 16 cold dmg

It seems that 16 cold and fire would be completely negated by enemy armor while a green weapon of the same kind would give concentrated phys dmg:

- 77 phys dmg
- + 10 phys damage(attribute)

Unless unique weapons bypass enemy armor, it seems like even green weapons are the better choice :shock:


  • IcefreezeIcefreeze Posts: 22

    If you fight enemies with weapon direct attack, choose the weapon with less type dmg.
    The weapons with many types dmg deal less dmg on direct attack but if you skill that use " % weapon dmg/weapon dps as X dmg ", it just deal only one type dmg listed.
    And if your character have many focus, you can do good dmg with element dmg type effect ( like Burn or Shocking dmg).

  • D2HansD2Hans Posts: 3,031 ✭✭✭

    If you have fast attack you might want to look into getting something that degrades the enemies armor points. Also damage over time can be quite effective as well

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