Is anyone still playing TL1?



  • dreamriderdreamrider Posts: 1,727
    Yup, just returned for some Torchlight obsessive monster nailing, after about two years obsessively on Star Citizen and the SC website...which I highly recommend, BTW. Oh, and I also spent 6 mo of love on Enhanced Baldur's Gate and Pillars of Eternity...also recommended. But here I am back at TL, trying for that PERFECT run, and enchanting my idea crossbow. Lady Darrigan #388 is in the warm up circle.
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    dreamrider wrote:
    Lady Darrigan #388 is in the warm up circle.
    You should try a necromancy build.
  • JibakuJibaku Posts: 119
    Well I'm starting to feel like playing TL1 again so I might have to see if this computer can run it (decently),,, I lost my laptop >_>;
    allard01 wrote:
    i had never known about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up as more as now I got. Such a beautiful topic to aware the people about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up.
    "Such a beautiful topic to aware the people"
  • I heard about some other plate form about that but still not personal experience to play
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    I am! Runic has an excellent pedigree of developers. When I saw that Matt Uelmen was the composer, I was sold. I've played two Alchemists: summoner and spellcaster. On to the other classes and then T2!
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    Thanks a lot. Now I'm playing kizi at It's a cool flash game. It's one of my favorite online games. Does anyone remember such games as Redball, Mario, Super snake ? It's something similar to them. I'm a game addictive so I spend a lot of time playing. I also love Nintendo games and Fallout game.

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    The recent announcement made me nostalgic and now I am working on my TL1 mod again that I started like 7 years ago. I am going to finish it and maybe start some new projects and definitely start playing again :smile:

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    I only play TL2 and it's easy to find a game ~2-3 min average.... but when it's night or morning here in europe I sometime must wait 1 hour+ :(

  • gerdezgerdez Posts: 179

    Yes. I had the old GOG Mac version before, yesterday I bought it again on steam. I don't know why, but I like this slightly more than TL2. Maybe it's the dungeon and the simple greatness of the game. And in TL2 I hate the desert and mechanical setting :smiley: Act 2 and 4.

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