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  • i have had no problems getting this utility to work, i do however see no one else online when i connect and i have logged on at various times of the day. i got it so i could see who was using it, but it seems no one is. as for trading items and s…
  • yes i am, but i thought everyone would be doing so. here are the mods i am using; [ITEM] Higher than level 100 items V1.10 Synergies version Act1_enclave_enchants_v2-1_extreme Better quest rewards Duncraig ENCHANCED_ENCHANTERS_ALL Ghostreave…
  • why are you people complaining???? the game is out and though in my opinion it is not graphically as good as torchlight and too short it is still a good game and as far as guts not being available at the moment well all i can say is i would rather h…
  • i connect every time to the authentication server, what i am not able to do is get into a game i keep getting this message dungeon size mismatch! game data does not match between server and client
  • Jordan wrote: Your very welcome, I'm sorry you had to wait a almost two weeks for someone to help you. Impressive mod, I had a lot of fun with your character in the short time I played with her. When I was playing TL I think I had less than six ru…
    in need help Comment by anya42 October 2012
  • Jordan wrote: The reuploaded file worked, the original one must have been corrupt after all. It wasn't until I noticed the skulls lit up after pulling the levers that I knew how to do this. In this puzzle the levers need to be pulled in the order …
    in need help Comment by anya42 October 2012
  • Jordan wrote: Could you please re-upload just the save file and its backup as I think it was corrupted during the transfer. I've successfully loaded and played with your mods installed yet the save file causes the game to crash. I've tried with a …
    in need help Comment by anya42 October 2012
  • Jordan wrote: There isn't one for the forum it seems (there is an option to manage attachments yet I think the ability to upload them has been disabled) however if you use a free file host I can download from there. Anything is fine, Google docs, …
    in need help Comment by anya42 October 2012
  • Jordan wrote: If you would like I can have a look at it if you upload your save file. how do i upload my save game? i see no button to do that.
    in need help Comment by anya42 October 2012
  • gamekillz wrote: there seem to be 4 levers, maybe you have to pull them in a certain order until all flames are alight. Also, there is a lever further down the stairs you could pull. i spent three hours trying as many different combos of th…
    in need help Comment by anya42 October 2012
  • I love you about 14.6% more than I did a few seconds ago. so does that mean you hate then 85.4% more than you did a second? just saying is all.
    in TorchED Comment by anya42 September 2012
  • with the first character you start with it is hard, especially if you use anything but a ranged weapon and unless you use torchlight_charmodif_v0.4.4 to give yourself more gold than when you start out with so you can get a ranged weapon you wont kil…
  • cool now i can continue with my soaps - as the Torch Lights and forever Ember then, thank you
  • sooooooooooooooooooooooooo... like when are they going to release tl2?
  • not the troll brink is fighting, but the baddie the syl is using a force field around herself to protect her from it's attacks the same one that brink and you encounter in the dank chamber
  • i have the following map mods installed: Aegis Maps Alt Aegis Maps vol2 Aegis Maps vol3 Basement Mini Dungeon charnel House Epic Boss Maps goblin_stronghold Lair of the Bonewarden Mansion Crypt StrangeLand Underground Temple Yirkons Pa…
    in stuck Comment by anya42 August 2012
  • well it is not sure i will make just a weapon or a weapon at all. what i am doing is making a set that is not a set. belt, chest, gloves, helm, shoulders and boots. i might make some rings and necklaces too. now once i get it to work in my ga…
    in Help!! Comment by anya42 July 2012
  • they are in the following; C:\Users\Anya M. McDonald\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\mods\YOURMOD folder is this what you are talking about or do i have to do something else?
    in Help!! Comment by anya42 July 2012