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  • My addition to the wish list: Crafting. If TL2 is gonna be something of a testing ground for the MMO some version of the crafting mechanic would be awesome. cheers
  • greenwizard88 wrote: If you just leave the game running, and never quit, wouldn't that be the same thing? So basically you're asking for a non-graphical version of the game? Just so I understand you correctly... Pretty much. No graphi…
  • Zombie squirrels FTW.
  • Mithodor wrote: Maybe it would be possible to have two types of lobbies, where one of them does not allow clients that have one or more mods loaded? Sure, this will be hackable too I guess, but it would be great if such a separation exists. Any op…
  • "Random" scrolls could be fun ... with a small chance for a curse.
  • Antitrust wrote: Ok then, and since we can't ignore important laws, I'm done talking to this ****... Common sense and Internet etiquette has another contribution here. Godwin.
  • travisbaldree wrote: Definitely destroyer! Sounds like my daughter. Congrats!
  • sssteve72 wrote: If your pet dies you have to flush him down the toilet. But only if he was a fish, if he is a cat or a dog you have to use a spade in town. Or Ember Lance. Cremation.
    in Pet death Comment by Sojyn January 2010
  • The researcher on the east side of town (next to the two gem smashers) will also give out SV quests to get him more ember samples.
  • Giro wrote: I'm trying to get my hands on some of the permanent effect fishies. My question is, does it matter where I fish? For example, is it easier to find the permanent vs. the 120 second fishes the lower I go? Or, is it easier to find c…
    in Fishing Comment by Sojyn January 2010
  • I pretty much agree with the obsevations, etc folks have posted so far. I've got a level 60 Vanquisher (Hard) and DAs are the first thing that I gun for. I don't have much problem with the posion bolts as my defense is pretty close to my dexterity. …
  • Same here. Game works if you start steam in offline mode.
  • Same question as the OP with a slight twist. Anyone know good game for kids under 12 that are getting a Wii+Wii Fit in their stocking from Santa?
  • BVehrs wrote: Talk about weird bugs! This one will be one you and the Torchlight community remember for a long time. Hopefully we can look back in a years time and laugh fondly! :P "You have a new task. The quest for the [MISSING CHARACTER].
  • happyturtle wrote: Errm, am I the only one who can start steam offline? I just get a dialogue asking if I want to try connecting again or start in offline mode. I've never told it to do this it just happens. Nope. I did it earlier. Lost I…
  • $30-40 easily as is. $50 if there was co-op. I road along in the Mythos closed beta so I knew exactly what to expect from the Runic folks. Call it fan/customer loyalty.
  • sigreth wrote: Not greenish/jungle tileset? Could be pretty dark until we add other tilesets. I'm not sure if this is such a good idea. I don't mean not to add the jungle tilesets, what I mean is everything in the game is already set as u…
  • War **** Shrine - Increases physical damage by 100%, elemental damage by 50%, and physical defense by 50% (or some such combination of buffage). Effects last for 60 seconds.
  • As foot note for ISAWHIM's fix. Check / redrfrag your disk after doing the procedure. In my case, the original pak file was not fragmented. The new one came up as being fragmented. Might help for people who it seems the fix didn't work. Cheers
  • Nigle wrote: Personally I'd be willing to pay for an expansion that has co-op play. it would be awesome if somehow you could sync up mods with someone and then play with them. I want the F2P MMO with either micro-transactions or a low-pric…
  • Tez wrote: prestige wrote: I'm going to need 5 pieces of flair, and that's the bare minimum. Axler wrote: ... very small rocks... Reminds me of feelies from old Infocom games. Maybe a piece of "ember" (actually a chunk of low-grade…