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  • Oh i see thx, i playing on normal right now because is the first time i play the game. What i going to need some opinion is with Dynamo Field, i add 3 points right now but i dont do it too mutch dmg, this is normal right now ? Is better going to an…
  • Oh thx for the help. And about stats 110 str 50 dex and the rest on Vit for block change and life is a good choise or i need to add some on focus ?
  • Oh thx alot, thats what i need, just have to go for clean something and later join game.
  • Oh thx for that, and sorry if u say before and was me who dont read it write, so the best way is checking lvl by lvl the mana i have and how mutch expend the skill, that way i add more on passive then active skill or add Focus point for have more ma…
  • Let me see because i think people dont read when have to do it or i dont explain write... i explain before the guide i follow doesnt explain or say about what level or if have too follow skill level or if i need to add first two skills on some level…
  • Alot of videos on youtube, but for level 50+ or 100, the low people i found use Shield Bash, for that reason i ask here.
  • Oh thx, so on the start i only up FF and HealBot, but the others skills i adding stat acording my lvl or i wait ?
  • For that reason i ask, i cant found videos for low lvl ( level 30-40 ), i dont know what way add skill stats i mean who is more important on low lvl and who is more important later. What i using now i have both engineer on lvl 21 but i dont know wha…
  • Guys i need some experience opinion about engineer 1h+shield vs 2h weapon, i try both to lvl 21 but im complete lost about what i want, or who have more fun, i know 1h+shield have the chance to block more but hit more slower in dmg and 2h is mutch m…
  • About your question, if the skill say DPS it means u need to add stat on main stat of your character in this case STR, if the skill dont say DPS it mean u need to add on Focus.
  • Oh thx for that info it help alot.
  • Guys i need to ask u something because i never use 2h sword, and i dont wanna do it wrong, im pretty lost on stat.. how mutch i have to add i mean 3 str 2 dex or 3 str 2 dex 1 vit, or need to save some stats on start and later add ? And skills i nee…
  • Thx guys for the help, aniway i just start and trying to know and understend about the game because i forget all =/
  • I using a Engineer with 2h weapon now, and i going to use this skills : Ember Hammer (15) - Onslaught (1) - Heavy Lifting (15) - Supercharge (15) - Coup of Grace (15) - Healing Bot (15) - Fire and Spark (15) - Charge **** (1) - Forcefie…