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  • An Announcement From Marsh Lefler

    Hey everyone,

    It’s been over nine years since a rag-tag team of 17 developers helped open Runic Games. We’ve been so lucky for the community that has supported us and made us successful. Thanks to that support, we have had the chance to meet and work with the best people in the world. Our team here at Runic has released three successful games, and over that time we have seen many changes; team members got married, kids were born, but the most important thing is that we have become a family.

    I’m sorry to say that today will be Runic’s last day open. Our focus is on our family here, and helping them find a new place to call home. If you are in games and looking for some of the best talent in the industry, please email

    For those that love the Torchlight series, there will be some news coming. And for all our fans, our community and multiplayer services will keep running even after the studio's lights go off.

    It has been an amazing experience. To my family here at Runic, I know we won’t be far from each other, and I’ll miss seeing you all every week.

    You haven’t heard the last of us,

    Marsh Lefler
    Studio Head

  • Re: Stuck and can't progress.

    I believe this issue was resolved, but might not be for some folks who hit it before the resolution. Make sure to update to the latest patch. If that doesn't fix things, send an email, along with your game saves, to and reference this thread in your email.

  • Re: Random crashes during LAN play

    @revevil please contact and be sure to reference your previous ticket number for context. thanks!