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    Yes, prominent roles for the Destroyer and Vale throughout the Act. But I agree they die in the end likely while helping you in the last big battle (either sacrifice or just plain getting killed) as part of the closure angle.

    Using the Guardians would be a nice touch for the ending (them all together, thanking and praising you kind of stuff) but not to figure in the story all over again.

    I think the idea of a "big invasion" is great! It's very rich in storytelling potential. You could fill the whole Act with it, like having to take out multiple key nerve centers of the invasion (a "lab", a supply center, an armory, etc.) each located in the new areas identified so far. It makes a grand backdrop for the final struggles of the old heroes and the upstart new hero! For lore fidelity, you just need to be careful choosing who's behind the invasion and why, who are his/her allies and why.

    @Killious - I think a big part of what UA does (or will do, in it's final form) is scatter a lot of that stuff you asked for all throughout the 4 (soon-to-be 5) Acts. All the more reason to play the whole thing all over again!

    Oh and I thought I'd post that Vilderan map here...
    Is this the image you first referred to?

    AYNjACk.jpg (where JacKc found the same image) reports that this was on a Steam Trading Card for TL2 and I did see it displayed there. But I did not find this image anywhere else on the web with a Runic stamp-of-approval. But I guess if it was on Steam that makes it legit?
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    what the...?