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  • Re: Share Your Stories about Runic Games

  • Share Your Stories about Runic Games

    Now that Runic is being shut down I've got nine years of stories coming back to me. I thought I'd share a few, and welcome you to share your own.

    1- I was in the Mythos beta. Mythos was the coolest thing ever in its original beta: Seriously a solid Diablo competitor in a time when Diablo 3 wasn't even announced yet. When Flagship Studio shut down I was sad, but when the Seattle team got back together and founded their own company (Runic Games) I jumped on board and started a fansite for them right away. LOOOONG before there was any solid news of a game, but soon enough after Mythos to try to grab some of that old community. The community was the best part of those early days. The Runic devs had one of the best reputations for interacting with their community than I'd ever seen.

    2- The fansite nearly didn't get off the ground! Early on I knew little of php or mysql or anything other than 10-year old HTML. A guy volunteered to help me and got RGF running on Wordpress and phpbb. Then he hacked one of the developer's e-mail addresses and accessed some sort of private online file server and downloaded a load of EARLY Torchlight design files. By the time he told me about it the damage was done, and Runic was threatening a lawsuit. Since the guy (whose name I don't even remember) was just some stupid high school kid I think he apologized and swore not to leak the files. Honestly it was so long ago I barely remember what happened. As a result someone at Runic wasn't sure I was on the level and asked someone else to start a rival fansite that they could trust.

    3- During Torchlight 2's development a number of community members were offered to get flown out to the studio in Seattle and do a community day. I REALLY wanted to go... but I was recently unemployed and desperately job hunting. I couldn't spare the cash to even buy my own meals, and didn't want to miss the chance at any interviews. I never managed to make it out that time, but I did eventually get out to the office one day just before Hob was announced and run through a part of it. I'm glad I was able to meet everyone. Luckily, it was also the day of the company's anniversary, so they took everyone out to an expensive steak lunch. I never knew Truffle Oil French Fries were a thing, nor that they were so delicious. My favorite part of that meal was finding out exactly how much of a Trekkie Brian is, and talking about Terraria with (I think?) Matt Lefferts(?)

    4- Getting beta and/or press access to all of the games was pretty awesome. It's not like I got them for free though - I put enough money into paying for website hosting over the past 9 years to more than cover it :wink:

  • Unofficial Hob Modding Thread

    Hello all! So very shortly after the Hob release I put a PAK extractor that I knew worked online: http://www.runicgamesfansite.com/mod_downloads/tools/download-1521-hobs-pak-extractor.html

    I know modding isn't officially supported yet, but I'm still hoping to both get things moving to make it possible for the game (mostly cosmetic I'm guessing) and to get some of those awesome creatures and characters made into Torchlight 1/2 mods.

    Let's combine our skills and see what we can do!

  • Re: Official HotSpot 2.0 Thread

    Hello all!

    I'm Webbstre, the Administrator and former owner of Runic Games Fansite. I'm going around trying to find places where people (In this case, myself) have linked to or mentioned our previous mod manager tools and update the conversations with info about our latest mod manager, ModDrop!

    We had a lot of trouble in the past with the people who worked on Torchleech, HotSpot, and HotSpot 2.0 all leaving mid-project, which I feel like kept us from properly competing with Steam's Workshop. However, not everyone uses Steam, and our new mod manager is pretty awesome, so if you found this thread years later via Google I hope you don't think the community is dead and the mods unsupported.

    The mods are all still over at http://www.runicgamesfansite.com, where they've always been (so I hope this doesn't look like spam for posting it). If you have any questions hit me up at webbstre@runicgamesfansite.com and I'll do my best to answer promptly!