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  • Re: Share Your Stories about Runic Games

    When I first saw Torchlight's ad flash across my games list I almost ignored it. The only reason I went back to look for it is because I thought the title was perfect for an rpg. It made me want to learn more about it. At the time I was downloading games a lot and I'm afraid I torrented it. Then I felt bad and decided I should apologize. The devs were more than understanding. It was one of those things were someone not being mad at you just makes you feel even guiltier. At least that's how it felt to me. At any rate I decided since they were so kind to me they deserved my support. It wasn't just a matter of feeling guilty. There was something different about them. They cared and actually interacted with their community.

    Over the years my hanging out here has led to me making a lot of good friends. Some the best I've ever had. It helped me get out of a serious depression I'd been in due to my medical issues and kept from from committing suicide. The fact that I'm in a much better place now can be directly attributed to their being kind people and embracing this weird furry brony dude who at that point hated himself and didn't want to live. Since then I've been fortunate to have gained some of them as friends. They've shown they trusted me enough to give input and have made changes due to some of the feedback I've given. Every time I look at Torchlight there's literally a part of my spirit in it (and some really neat named items, too).

    It's been an emotional day for me. I can only imagine how hard this is on Runic. I won't lie and say I understand it. I don't and I'm doing my best to not find reasons to be angry at anyone over it because I think that just makes things harder. Instead I'll again say thank you to the devs because they deserve to hear it plenty. Thank you, all. Not just for the games or friendship or just being here. Thank you for this community. I'm just so grateful for everything.

    -Chris AKA Zid

  • So long, and thanks for all the ember.

    I'll be seeing you
    In all the old ember ore places
    That this heart of mine embraces
    All night through.

    In that small old Torchlight town;
    Where Ordrak's fiendish plan went down;
    The Varkolyn mines;
    The deep loot delves;
    The fishin' wells.

    I'll be seeing you
    In every lovely treasure chest;
    In every adventure that I play.
    I'll always think of you somehow, some way.

    I'll find you
    In the crypts and caves.
    And when the adventures true,
    I'll be looking at the loot
    But I'll be seeing you.

    Thanks, Runic. For so much.

    Lyrics by Jimmy Durante, adapted by me.