Patch Notes 1.22.x.40

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Patch Notes 1.22.x.40

Postby BrianW » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:16 pm

Patch 1.22.x.40
Released April 1, 2013

New Content

  • New Unique and Legendary weapons for every item class
  • New class armor sets
  • New MapRoom maps
  • Additional side dungeons in Act 1 and 2 during New Game Plus play
  • Nether-Realm portals take you to a new Nether-Realm tileset, with new creatures
  • Headcrab pet
  • Alpaca pet
  • Panda pet
  • Stag pet

  • Modding is now fully enabled. For Steam users, Steam Workshop support is integrated.
  • Modding is fully supported in multiplayer - filter available games by active mod combinations. With Steam Workshop, automatically subscribe to and match configurations to join modded games!
  • New to modding? Here's how to get started with GUTS - the Torchlight II GUTS wiki

  • Socketable-granted DOT effects now get character damage bonuses from focus and items
  • Fixed issue where Reflection would change your target while fishing, which would leave you in a bad state
  • Various protections to prevent poorly formed mods
  • Other minor fixes
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